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Aquatherm Quick Check Estimator

This tool is intended to help customers create a quick check estimate (QCE) to compare numbers obtained in their own estimating software. This tool is not intented to replace a users own estimating method or software. If you need help getting started click on the help button located at the top of the tool.

Our parts tool makes it easy to generate or find a list of materials needed for a project for ordering or producing submittals. All pricing shown is list price. A multiplier must be obtained and applied from a local wholesaler/distributor for accurate pricing.

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Note! National pricing is now available. Please make sure you have selected the right country when creating your estimation!

Parts Look Up

Part Number Part Name Part Size Aquatherm Labor MCAA Labor Connections Unit Price Price Options

Note: This tool is intended for creating a quick check estimate only and may contain minor rounding errors. Pricing should always be obtained from a wholesaler, as Aquatherm does not sell direct.

Labor Details

Note: Changing the Labor Factor will reset your custom Tool hours.

$ / hour

Labor Table

Note: Labor values used are developed by Aquatherm and are not published values from any organization

Estimated Labor

Labor based on your currently selected parts in the Estimator.

Labor Time

Labor Cost

Tools Estimation

Below are the tools necessary for your current estimation. Please note that the numbers are rounded up. For example: You need to rent a 2" hand-held welding iron for 42 hours - slightly over a week. You enter $150 / week for your rental and the result will then show $300 as you need a minimum of 2 weeks to rent the tool to cover the duration of 42 hours.

Tip! Registered and can save the information under company information so it will be there the next time you return to use the Quick-Check Estimate tool.

Project Information

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The information below is for who you are providing the bid for. All fields are optional.

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Load Shared Project

Got a project code from someone else? You can load their project on your own browser by using this feature!

Excel Files

Import Excel File

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Export Excel File

Note: Export summary of QCE to Excel.

Text Import

To import with part numbers directly, paste the part numbers in Part Numbers box, one per line (no seperators), Quantity in Quantity box, one per line (no seperators). Quantities are assigned on a one to one basis with in the same order as the parts. Parts that do not have a quantity accociated with them will be set to 1.

Part Numbers


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