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About PP-R

Polypropylene-random (PP-R) is a thermoplastic that is made up of chains of carbon and hydrogen. It is both simple and stable chemically, so it does not contain harmful chemicals or react with its surroundings. The "R" in PP-R refers to the random blend of long and short hydrocarbon chains which provides both rigidity and flexibility, resulting in a material with strong structural properties that can still bend enough to absorb impact.

PP-R is also a non-corroding material, so it does not wear out and clog up after a few years of service. Even hard water won't affect PP-R, making it the perfect piping material for nearly any application. PP-R also is heat-fused together, giving it connections that even outlast the pipe itself.

At Aquatherm, we have developed our own specialized PP-R resin specifically for piping applications.

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