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Alaska Prison Employs Aquatherm Pressure Pipe in Several Key Systems, Including Wastewater

Goose Creek Correctional Facility, Wastewater, Potable Water, Water Treatment, Hydronic, and Compressed Air
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Wasilla, AK
Fall 2010 - Fall 2011

Aquatherm Advantages

  • The 10-year multimillion dollar warranty was a key selling point for ownership
  • Jobsite theft of the PP-R material was not a threat as it would have been with metal
  • Reduced need for insulation due to PP-R’s natural R-value of 1

The Challenge

Designers sought a single pipe system for potable, water treatment, wastewater, hydronic and compressed air systems in sizes from ½-inch to 12-inch. It also needed to meet NSF 61 and handle high heat and pressure.

The Solution

Green Pipe and Blue Pipe were specified to meet all the above-listed applications at the prison, providing a much lighter weight, noncorrosive alternative, while also being a more environmentally friendly option.

The fact that Aquatherm didn’t have to be insulated and metal-jacketed made a big difference. In a wastewater or industrial facility where you have high moisture content, that’s a big deal. We didn’t have to insulate anything and it has such a clean look.

- Jeff Oliver, Chief Executive Manager, Southcentral Mechanical, Wasilla, AK