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Aquatherm and Data Centers

With leak-free connections and corrosion-proof materials, Aquatherm pipe is revolutionizing the way data center cooling is done.

We take pride in producing the cleanest, greenest, most reliable piping systems available on the market.

We're not just about doing things differently, but doing them with the right tools and materials for the right reasons.

Better Pipe

Aquatherm pipe is made from polypropylene-random (PP-R), one of the longest lasting and most chemically inert piping materials available.

PP-R is inert and does not react with water. It won't corrode, scale, or pit like metal pipes do, and withstands extreme temperatures much better than other plastics.

Aquatherm uses heat fusion to join the pipe and fittings without glues, solders, or gaskets. Heat fusion is fast, easy and simple and is nearly leak-proof. All it takes is a little bit of heat and pressure to turn a pipe and fitting into a single piece of material.

In addition to providing the best piping products backed by a 10-year multimillion-dollar warranty, our piping systems are also designed to be environmentally compatible. There are no toxins or VOCs associated with installing the pipe, it requires much less energy to produce than metals, and is completely recyclable when the system is no longer needed.

Aquatherm provides data center owners and operators with a better product, often along with overall savings (considering both labor and materials) over traditional piping systems.

For local support and training information, we use a network of highly skilled sales representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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