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Aquatherm Helps Dry Up Industrial Laundry Facility’s Leak Woes

Tri-State Health Care Laundry, Supply and Process Water Retrofit
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Covington, KY
Summer 2008

Aquatherm Advantages

  • PP-R’s lighter weight made installation from a scissor lift easier
  • 4-inch joint connections took only 3-4 minutes vs. 15 with steel
  • Ownership liked the corrosion resistance and 10-year warranty

The Challenge

Aggressive process water had consistently rusted through the existing Schedule 80 steel.

The Solution

Corrosion- and rust-proof, Aquatherm held up so well over a 3-year period the facility is using it on their main line.

A relatively new-to-North-America piping solution dries up industrial laundry facility's leak woes.

Located in the Cincinnati suburb of Covington, Kentucky, Tri-State Health Care Laundry provides its services to several facilities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Featuring 52-foot-long washing machines and 12-foot-tall dryers with 8-foot tumblers, the facility manages to churn out crisply washed linens, uniforms, and other laundered items on a massive basis.

In keeping with the largesse of the process, the facility also has a tremendous amount of piping – well over 1,500 linear feet. Coursing through all that piping is an enormous amount of process water – almost 1 million gallons a month. Of course the water, detergents, and other chemicals are extremely corrosive.

In fact, the existing schedule 80 galvanized steel piping was rusting from the inside out. The problems were so severe that for an hour once a week the facility had to flush the pipe by letting a ¾-inch line run full bore to flush the system in an effort to reduce the corrosion. In the summer of 2008, Tri-State decided to repair some pipe sections that had lost the battle with the caustic process water.