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Lilac Pipe is the ideal solution for

water conservation and
greywater systems

with specialized coloring and marking.

Potable water is a valuable resource: why flush it down the toilet? Aquatherm Lilac Pipe is a safe and distinct choice for greywater service because PP-R isn't affected by aggressive water.

Greywater service for flushing and irrigation is a great way to reduce a building's water usage and can help contribute to green building rating systems such as LEED. Greywater has a variety of water qualities and can be very aggressive, making Aquatherm Lilac Pipe is the prefect choice for greywater service.

Aquatherm Lilac has all the advantages of Aquatherm's other piping systems, like PP-R construction and heat-fused connections, so it doesn't suffer from corrosion or scaling. Aquatherm Lilac has a distinct purple color to help keep the greywater separate from the potable, but still uses Aquatherm's full range of fittings and is and is also certified by NSF for compliance with CSA B137.11. It can be installed indoors and outdoors, and is safe to direct-bury for irrigation applications.

  • Approvals:

    • NSF 14
  • Sizes:

    • SDR 7.4: ½", ¾"
    • SDR 11: 1" - 10"