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Aquatherm North America’s New Headquarters Nears Completion

New building 0977 Building continues to progress on Aquatherm’s brand new North America headquarters and fabrication facility, scheduled to open early 2017. Located in Lindon, UT, about 2 miles from the company’s current building, the 82,000-sq-ft structure will provide ample space for operations, including office space for corporate staff, engineering, and quality-assurance laboratories; extensive warehouse space; and a state-of-the-art fabrication facility.

Most recently, the following construction projects have been completed:

·        Warehouse floor sealed and racking installed

·        Domestic water riser and backflow preventer installed

·        Dock levelers installed

·        Break room walls painted and lights and millwork installed

·        Training room ceiling grid and lights installed

·        Reception area millwork partially installed

·        Front entry completed

·        Second-floor corridor, offices, and conference room painted

·             New building 0935 Fresh-air ducting finished

·        Exterior pipe-storage area completed

·        Exterior lighting completed

·        Aquatherm Blue Pipe®, Green Pipe®, and Red Pipe® as well as Black System polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipe systems installed

Of course, Aquatherm PP-R piping systems are being installed extensively throughout the building:

·        Aquatherm Blue Pipe in ½- to 3-in. sizes is being used to convey heating hot and chilled water throughout the office area to the Aquatherm Black System® radiant heating and cooling panels.

·        Aquatherm Green Pipe in ½- to 4-in. sizes is being used to convey potable water throughout the building. The pipe in ½- to 1-in. sizes also is being used for the compressed-air system in the production, lab, and testing areas.

·        Aquatherm Red Pipe in ½- to 3-in. sizes is being used for the fire sprinkler system in the office and training areas.

·        Aquatherm Black System radiant panels are being used to heat and cool the office and training areas of the building. Efficient radiant heating and cooling panels in 2-ft-by-2-ft sizes are being used for the entire ceiling as well as 14-in.-by-4-ft and 14-in.-by-8-ft sizes for many of the walls. Zone controls will help create the best thermal comfort available.

·        Aquatherm Lilac Pipe in 4- to 6-in. sizes also will be used for the roof drainage system.

To read more about how the new headquarters also has been constructed to high environmental standards, see Aquatherm North America’s website.

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