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Aquatherm PP-R Piping Helps Speed HVAC Retrofit at U.S. Candy Company's HQ

Plenty of Support

Because of space limitations in the building, the piping systems for the HVAC renovation were prefabricated in 13-ft lengths on the floor, lifted up, and affixed to the ceiling with flanges and hangers. According to the mechanical contractor, “We used the existing steel supports and also added [a few] because we needed more support with PP-R. On the 13-ft lengths of pipe, we added probably an average of one extra support. So it was challenging. We had to get special fittings to adapt to steel floors above and run some Unistrut® to connect them on there. We knew we couldn’t couple or work in the ceiling, so we used the flange on the Aquatherm pipe, working ahead on each side of the pipe, fusing it as we went.”

The project was completed in August 2012, with more than 715 ft of pipe installed in the retrofit.