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Aquatherm’s Polypropylene Pipe Helps Cincinnati GreenSource “Walk the Talk”

Green Building Showcase, Renovation
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Blue Pipe®
Lilac Pipe®
Location / Date
Cincinnati, Ohio
Winter 2009

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Material savings
  • Installation savings halved thanks to heat fusion process, use of jigs and fabrication
  • Reduced need for insulation due to its natural R-value of 1
  • Environmentally friendly

The Challenge


The Solution


The brainchild of an innovative contractor, GreenSource Cincinnati is a working building that showcases cutting-edge green technologies including: Plumbing; HVAC; electrical; water reclamation, roofing; data center; and other sustainable building products.

A few years ago William, “Ez” Housh III realized that the Midwestern green building movement was severely lacking in one area: A working, breathing demonstration of green building technology.

As president of Monroe Mechanical, Inc., a 57-year-old, family owned HVAC and mechanical design company, Housh decided that Monroe Mechanical was the right company – and Cincinnati was the right city – for what would evolve into GreenSource Cincinnati.

Monroe has been on the forefront of applying the most energy efficient mechanical systems since its inception. “It’s so important that people be able to see, touch, and understand these products for real-world applications,” said Will Housh IV, the company’s COO.

As Monroe approached business partners and shared its vision, the building evolved from a mixed-use building into an educational resource and meeting center. Approaching GreenSource Cincinnati as a family affair (Elizabeth Housh-Reynolds, Ez’s daughter and Will’s sister, works as business development manager), the firm identified a 135-year-old, 9,500-sq-ft building in downtown Cincinnati.