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Michigan Brewery Hits Bulls-Eye with Assist from PP-R Piping Systems


Arbor Brewing Company Geothermal, Radiant Heating & Cooling, & Domestic Water Supply

Products Used
Green Pipe®  Blue Pipe® 
Location / Date
Ypsilanti, MI
Spring 2011

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Ownership was drawn to PP-R's lifecycle benefits vs other pipe systems
  • Aquatherm provided labor time savings thanks to heat fusion connections
  • Heat fusion eliminated mechanical or glued connections, which was essential since most of the system is underground or in concrete

The Challenge

Ownership sought the most environmentally friendly piping system for the geothermal heating and cooling system serving the beer cave


The Solution

Aquatherm provided a leak- and maintenance-free system that has run smoothly for four-plus years - and it’s the brewery’s preferred pipe system going forward



Ypsilanti brewing operation’s green focus led to Aquatherm polypropylene-random playing a key role in keeping the beer flowing – and unfrozen.

If there were a beer dartboard for the state of Michigan, Arbor Brewing Company would be sitting toward the center of the board. Consider: Microbreweries are growing at an amazing rate. According to CraftBrewingBusiness.com, craft beer production was up 18% annually in mid-2014. And Michigan, which is known as “The Great Beer State,” is home to 150 craft breweries.

Holding a cup that virtually “runneth over” with craft beer, Michiganders have their choice of some of the finest craft beers in the world, yet they have continually supported Arbor Brewing Company (ABC). The kegs were tapped at the ABC Pub and Eatery in downtown Ann Arbor, MI in July 1995, and the company has regularly expanded. Out-of-staters frequently take home a couple cases or growlers at a time, and the brewery recently expanded distribution to Northern Ohio and Connecticut.

A commitment to handcrafted beer, exceptional hospitality, local sourcing, community involvement, and environmental stewardship has been the foundation for ABC’s growth and success. The brewery was founded by husband and wife team of Matt and Rene Greff, who share a passion for beer and adventure. By their late 20s the Greffs had become disenchanted with their corporate gigs and soon after brewpubs were legalized in Michigan, they set about opening their own brewery. They raised their startup capital through a network of friends, family, and co-workers and became the first brewpub to open in Ann Arbor and the fifth to open in Michigan’s fledgling microbrewery movement.

Having survived some rocky early years, by 2001 ABC maxed out capacity on its seven-barrel system and expanded to an adjacent building with the addition of a small banquet space, an additional 30 barrels of fermentation and serving-tank capacity.