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Atlanta Brewery Selects Aquatherm for Unique Glycol Cooling System

Eventide Brewing Company, Process Piping
Products Used
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Atlanta, GA
September 2013

Aquatherm Advantages

  • The durability of PP-R makes it a great fit for low-temperature systems, such as transporting chilled glycol
  • A heat-fused PP-R joint becomes a 100% continuous piece, eliminating costly delays from leaks
  • The lightness and flexibility of the piping allowed for the entire system to be prefabricated on the ground and then lifted and installed into place
eventide_brewing nashville

The Challenge

The brewery's owners needed to transfer glycol from the chiller to the fermenting tanks between 28˚ and 30˚ F using a piping material that would not be brittle (PVC) or costly (copper).

The Solution

Aquatherm's polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipes were chosen for the project due to its non-reactive nature and ability to operating in freezing temperatures.

Aquatherm PP-R piping systems stay strong under extreme temperatures

Trying to establish a new microbrewery these days is a very competitive venture. According to the Brewers Association, 2,538 craft and non-craft breweries of all sizes currently are operating in the United States, 409 of which opened in 2012.

But if you put time into your beer, pay attention to the details, set up your brewing system just so and throw yourself headfirst into the social-media-marketing frenzy, you might be able to develop a notable niche in your local marketplace – and maybe beyond. With all of this in mind, Nathan and Haley Cowan, Geoffrey Williams and Mathew Sweezey, the founders of Eventide Brewing in Atlanta, are well on their way to putting their mark on the southern suds scene.

Integral to their plan of attack is, of course, tasty beer. Not the trendiest, hoppiest, strangest beer possible, but flavor-packed sessionable beer that anyone can enjoy whenever with whatever. In fact, the Eventide microbrewery was built on the notion that "great doesn't have to be complicated."

Eventide's owners plan to be in production by October 2013 and shipping barrels to bars and brewpubs across the region later this year. They have five mainstay styles currently in the works, three of which will launch this year: dry Irish stout, Kölsch-style ale, American pale ale, Hefeweizen, and a red ale to follow.

Completely unpretentious, Eventide's brewing process is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection – the brewery has no secrets. Eventide has a fierce social-media presence with the photos, videos and blogs to prove it. The brewery's website, eventidebrewing.com, will even get an update at the same time the kegs begin rolling out the door.