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How do you provide a system that lasts?
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  • Corrosion-free

    Polypropylene-random (PP-R) is durable and chemically inert, which helps our systems perform better and last longer than other materials.

    Aquatherm's PP-R won't react with water, or most dissolved chemicals in the water. This prevents corrosion, scaling, and erosion, the three major causes of long-term piping failure.

  • Expansion-control

    Aquatherm's multilayer faser pipes have expansion rates similar to copper, but with much more flexibility, so you can use fewer and smaller expansion controls. Aquatherm pipes can even be buried without any expansion controls or thrust blocking, as the weight of the soil will restrict any movement.

  • Leak-free installations

    Aquatherm's PP-R thermoplastic material changes to a "melt" state where a pipe and fitting can be easily joined together in a process called “Heat Fusion.” This results in connections that become one piece, leaving no leak paths. The resulting connections will last for the life of the pipe. Additionally, Aquatherm’s lighter weight compared to metal also helps speed installation times.

  • Sustainability

    Aquatherm's pipes are non-leaching and fully recyclable, so the piping material isn't wasted. And PP-R doesn't corrode or scale, so the systems will usually outlast the buildings in which they’re installed. Aquatherm also adheres to the strictest production standards for sustainability, using the lowest impact manufacturing processes available, and constantly working to improve.

    Aquatherm’s natural R-value can reduce or eliminate the amount of insulation necessary depending on the application.
    All of these benefits and more help builders get the most out of the material, which is the key to sustainability.

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    Our collection of resources that will help you prepare, plan and produce specifications using Aquatherm pipe.

  • Case Study: Harvard

    How do you fix a leaking, corroding installation at the illustrious medical school? You put in Aquatherm pipe.

  • Case Study: Agro-Culture

    See how Aquatherm contributed to a LEED Gold project on: geothermal, chilled water, condenser water, and snowmelt applications.