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Burley Milk Facility Benefits from Burly Piping Alternative

High Desert Milk Inc., Process and Compressed Air Piping
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Burley, ID
September 2008

Aquatherm Advantages

  • The lighter weight of Aquatherm saved extensive hours on labor
  • The plant’s maintenance staff services the pipe system on their own without requiring a service call from a contactor
  • Aquatherm provided thorough training and support and is NSF-approved

The Challenge

Ownership demanded a cost effective and long lasting pipe option.

The Solution

Aquatherm offered cost savings over copper and a 10-year warranty.

High Desert Milk Inc.'s name pretty much spells out what the business is about and where it's located. High Desert Milk (HDM) was formed in Burley, Idaho in 2001 by a progressive group of dairy men seeking to increase their return per hundredweight (a unit of weight equal to 100 lbs) of milk and provide a stable market for their product.

These co-operative owners milk 26,000 cows, farm 30,000 acres, and HDM's 2007 sales exceeded $75 million. Due to continued growth, the company needed to build a processing plant in Burley to process over 2 million lbs of milk per day into 65 million lbs of powdered milk per year.

HDM set out to build a new 100,000-sq-ft facility with durability and functionality at its core. Obviously, the facility, which is 85-ft-high in spots, would have a tremendous amount of piping running through it.