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Busy Laundry Facility Gets Much Needed Update with Aquatherm Green Pipe

Sheraton Nashville Laundry Facility, Supply and Process Water Retrofit
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Location / Date
Nashville, TN
December 2011

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Material cost for Aquatherm PP-R piping came in at 30% less than copper
  • Unlike copper, PP-R resists abrasion and does not corrode or scale
  • Significant labor savings thanks to heat-fused connections, including saddle-type fusion outlets installed onto a pre-drilled supply pipe
sheraton nashville

The Challenge

The facility’s laundry equipment and copper piping were failing after years of use and required replacement.

The Solution

New appliances were acquired and connected with Aquatherm Green Pipe.

Music City high rise hotel entrusts Demand Mechanical to connect new laundry equipment with Aquatherm Green Pipe

sheraton nashvilleNashville, also known as 'Music City,' is home to the Grand Ole Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame, and countless music venues where musicians from all over the world come to play, write songs, and sing tunes. With over six million visitors to the city per year, the hotels in the area are constantly busy.

One hotel in particular attracts a lot of visitors with its rotating rooftop restaurant that offers spectacular views of the Nashville skyline. The Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel is the 12th tallest building in Nashville and is only blocks from the Nashville Convention Center.

In order for the Sheraton to accommodate the number of guests staying at the hotel each year, the laundry facility at the 28-story hotel must be in top shape to ensure all guests have clean linens and towels upon request. The hotel's owners decided in late fall of 2011 that it was time to replace all the existing laundry equipment to handle the facility's flow of laundry. The hotel owners called Demand Mechanical, a Nashville-based contracting firm, to work on the project.

"We were approached by the owner of the Sheraton Nashville and they told us they were interested in buying new laundry equipment," said Jamie Hassett, chief officer with Demand Mechanical. "All the copper piping and every single joint was leaking and full of scale. We recommended that all the piping had to be replaced."

"The solenoid valves on the washer machines were busting and breaking the pipes. The equipment was just worn out," explained Rick Hollis, with Ferguson Enterprises Nashville, which serves as the local Aquatherm manufacturer's representative.

30% Material Savings Over Copper

sheraton nashvilleHassett has worked with Aquatherm piping for several years and the polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipe was his first choice for the job. "We put together a proposal and ran the numbers for Aquatherm piping versus copper piping," Hassett said. "The material cost for Aquatherm PP-R piping came in at 30% less than copper."

"We do a pretty good job of explaining the products we use to the customer," Hassett said. "We were confident that Aquatherm piping was the right choice based on the application. We showed the customer a sample of the Aquatherm pipe, explained the history and how long it's been in service. We explained the cost and speed of installation, and they were on board with it."

"Aquatherm was a great fit for this job," Hollis pointed out. "Hassett and his team do a great job and they are a great installer for us."

Going Green

Aquatherm Green Pipe® is a pressure piping system that's designed for hot and cold potable water applications. On this job in particular job, Green Pipe helped solve problems the laundry facility maintenance staff had been facing: It won't corrode, scale, and is virtually leak-proof when properly installed.

The project began the first week of December 2011 and was took roughly a week to finish. The 1,500-sq-ft laundry facility, which normally operated for 12 hours per day, had to be completely shut down during that time. The Demand Mechanical technicians installed 100 linear ft of 4-in. Aquatherm Green Pipe with 15 connections, and 60 linear ft of 1-in. Green Pipe.

The water mains ran from the floor through four penetrations and dropped down horizontally across the wall behind the machines. All the branch lines were made with Aquatherm fusion outlets that were bored through the 4-in. main headers to feed each washer.