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Aquatherm's story in North America began in Canada. In 2003, Steve Clark, a mechanical engineer, was working on a Marriott hotel when a small amount of oil from the mechanical equipment caused CPVC pipe to fail throughout the building. Frustrated with the weakness of low-quality plastics and the corrosion problems affecting metal, Steve started investigating Aquatherm as an alternative. Aquatherm's PP-R pipes and heat fusion connections presented themselves as an excellent choice, but were not available in Canada at the time for a number of reasons.

In 2005, Steve closed up his engineering business and contracted with Aquatherm to begin distribution in Canada. After winning approvals from CSA, Steve set up distribution with EMCO. In 2009, Don Schneider, an EMCO employee who had been instrumental in launching Aquatherm, signed on to be the VP of Sales in Canada. In 2009, Aquatherm CA followed its U.S. partners in setting up sales representatives across the country, and added additional distribution, including Crane Supply. Note, Canada had sales representatives in place before moving into the USA.

Aquatherm CA has an office located in Airdrie, Alberta, with nine companies across Canada serving as manufacturer's representatives.