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City of Houston’s Green Resource Center Taps PP-R Pipe for Rain Harvesting Demo

Houston’s Green Resource Center, Reclaimed Water
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Houston, TX
Spring 2009

Aquatherm Advantages

  • The cradle-to-cradle impact of PP-R is considerably more earth-friendly than the other piping options
  • Aquatherm had been approved in the City of Houston for potable water
  • The heat fusion connections and corrosion resistance of PP-R provide the system with added durability

The Challenge

Selecting the most eco-friendly options available to highlight in the resource center.

The Solution

Aquatherm was a key contributor to the overall system since it offers so many earth friendly benefits.

The architect who runs the educational center says he was "...impressed with it and excited about it because it's an alternative to PVC and it's got a more benign beginning of life and end of life than the other piping options on the market."

As one of America's most populous cities and one known for its concentration of energy-related industry, Houston is an ideal place to educate people about green building, energy conservation, and thanks to its arid climate, water conservation.