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Colorful PP-R Piping Shines in Tight Mechanical Room Installation

Main Street Apartment, Mixed Use, HVAC
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Park City, UT
March 2009

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Reduced total mechanical estimate on job by 13% and reduced labor by roughly one week
  • Eliminated the need for an open flame in the tight 5 x 3 ft and 3 x 3 ft spaces
  • The natural insulation value helped reduce ambient temperatures

The Challenge

Mechanical equipment and piping had to be crammed into two tiny closets.

The Solution

Aquatherm helped to navigate the space -- and eliminate the need for power blowers to cool the rooms.

When Mountain Seas Development planned to renovate its historic building located in downtown Park City, UT, space-conscious design was imperative. Since the building sits on extremely valuable land on Main Street, every square foot was precious.

Mountain Seas sought to update the building's existing retail space and build an addition for a three-level apartment above it. Additionally, the building's listing in the historical registry made the project challenging.
Since the renovation would require breaking ground for new retail space in the basement and adding the apartment, the project's general contractor, Al Coelho, foresaw that the project's main problem would be fitting all of the necessary mechanical equipment into a tight mechanical room.