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Copperworks Distilling Company Picks Aquatherm for Six-story Process Cooling System

Copperworks Distilling Company, chilled water & glycol
Products Used
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Seattle, WA
June - August 2013

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Aquatherm PP-R pipe’s natural R-value provides added insulation and helps keep water chilled
  • Aquatherm pipes are non-toxic, nonleaching,and fully recyclable, supporting the company’s sustainability goals
  • Using Aquatherm pipe resulted in roughly 10% material savings over copper

The Challenge

The distillery’s original copper piping system wasn't keeping the process cooling water chilled up to ownership’s expectations.


The Solution

Aquatherm’s natural R-value, corrosion-resistance, longevity and sustainability contributed to the efficient and economical operation of their stills.

Aquatherm PP-R piping fits the bill for insulation and sustainability requirements Copperworks

Walk into the Copperworks Distilling Company located in the heart of Seattle’s waterfront, and you’ll be in awe – not only at the gorgeous custom-made copper pot and column stills but at the extraordinary contrast of tradition vs. innovation. The centerpiece of the distillery is its family of four classic copper stills, which were hammered by expert coppersmiths in the highlands of Scotland at Forsyths, one of the world’s leading distilling-equipment manufacturers that has existed in some form since the 1890s.

Additionally, Copperworks’ tasting room highlights a 120-year-old antique oak back bar originally handmade in Montana. Juxtapose that image with the distillery’s modern take on sustainability: The company is dedicated to minimizing water usage, energy consumption and waste production throughout its operations. For example, the stills are heated by energy produced from biomass, a renewable non-fossil fuel source – basically clean waste wood –that doesn’t add carbon to the atmosphere.

The craft distillery focuses on all-malt products; it currently is producing gin and vodka while its whiskey is aging in charred new American oak barrels. Although Copperworks has been in the planning stages for about four years, construction on the 6,974-sq-ft space, which includes a 1,700-sq-ft retail area, began in early 2013. The project was completed in August 2013, and the distillery opened to the public in October 2013, offering tastings, tours, classes, and other events focused on enjoying and learning about fine distilled spirits.

According to Jason Parker, co-owner and distiller along with Micah Nutt, the distillery currently is producing approximately 2,000 cases per year, which he expects to increase by about 1,000 to 2,000 cases annually. Although Parker and Nutt have plans to eventually escalate production, they do not anticipate a move anytime soon, if ever.

“When we built this place, we built it to be the final factory that we will need, instead of just building it to be replaced when we grow larger,” Parker said. “It’s capable of producing the maximum allowable by Washington State per year, so we can be in business forever without having to change our facility or our recipes. Increasing the size of the equipment means you have to change your process to achieve the same taste.”