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CSU Staff Re-pipes Data Center While Remaining Operational with Assist from PP-R Pipe

Colorado State University Data Center, HVAC
Products Used
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Fort Collins, CO

Aquatherm Advantages

  • The heat fusion bonding process requires no open flames, solder, or glue
  • The PP-R material is considerably lighter than metal alternatives and required no crane for installation
  • The 10-year, multimillion dollar warranty provided confidence to university administration

The Challenge

The data center, which had been running since the 1960s, required an expansion and upgrade to the water-cooling system without rendering the servers inoperable.

The Solution

Aquatherm’s PP-R material, which is bonded using heat fusion, provided a solution that was both fast and safe.

The number one reason we opted to use it on this project was the application inside the room. We couldn’t shut down the system and needed a product that could go under the floor, be reliable, and that didn’t require soldering or welding.

- Gene Ellis, Mechanical Engineer, CSU Campus Facilities Management, Fort Collins, CO