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Cutting-Edge Wastewater Treatment Plant Uses PP-R Pipe System for Vast Majority of its Piping Needs

Carrollton Wastewater Treatment Plant, Organic Matter, Chemical Transport, Compressed Air, Potable Water, Venting, CIP
Products Used
Blue Pipe®, Green Pipe®
Location / Date
Carrollton, OH
Winter 2010

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Aquatherm was nearly a single-source pipe, installed in sizes ranging from 1-in.to 12-in., and above ground, underground, indoors, and outdoors (mostly painted to avoid cross contamination)
  • Aquatherm pipe is affordable, especially compared to ductile iron
  • Aquatherm’s natural sound insulation makes it quieter than ductile iron pipes
  • Heat fusion connects Aquatherm pipe at the molecular level meaning Carrollton facility managers have peace of mind because their pipe systems are leak-resistant

The Challenge

Plant designers wanted a cost-effective, long-lasting, and leak-free pipe system that could handle transporting everything from grit and sludge to compressed air.

The Solution

Plant designers selected Aquatherm pipe to transport various materials including CIP (Clean-in-place), vent, effluent, and exhaust lines.