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Design Coordination & Fabrication Process

Aquatherm Fabrication Services can help you make your job go much smoother, much quicker AND we can help reduce your installation cost. Here's how we can help:

  1. We take your design and create a model.
  2. We help you coordinate the placement of the equipment.
  3. We consult on piping routes and can design mechanical room piping.
  4. We place all the control valves, equipment, in-pipe items, control valves, etc.
  5. You get a totally designed and modeled set of drawings for approval.
  6. Once approved and upon receipt of a purchase order (P.O.), we create the spool drawings for fabrication.
  7. The fabrication is released to our production facility, meticulously created, and then shipped to your site.
  8. Your installing contractor uses our drawings for an “erector set” type of install.
  9. Your project gets done quickly and on time with very few problems.
  10. You are up and running in no time!

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