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Fabrication Drawings

Our Aquatherm Fabrication Services department utilizes SolidWorks 3-D modeling to provide our fabrication facility drawings and build your custom fabrications.

Once we receive an order, our skilled piping system designers create a drawing that will be sent to you for use in your processes, as well as help you sell your job using Aquatherm piping.

This drawing will then be used as your means of approving the custom fabrication. Once Aquatherm receives a purchase order (P.O.) and an approved Fabrication Drawing, our team will send the piece to the shop for production.

We also use SolidWorks in our Fabrication & Custom Design Services where we help you layout, design, and coordinate your mechanical spaces with the use of a “Total Design and Fabrication” type service.

Click the button below to fill out the Fabrication Request Form and get started. We look forward to helping your next project go much easier and quicker, while also helping to reduce your installation cost!

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