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Getting the Lead (and Other Toxins) Out

Dietrich residence, Potable Water
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Location / Date
Lowville, NY
November 2009

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Non-leaching
  • Corrosion-free
  • Natural R-value of 1
  • A 10-year warranty

The Challenge

The homeowner sought to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from his domestic water distribution system.

The Solution

Aquatherm Green Pipe did that and also delivered other benefits.

Mickey Dietrich sought a green piping option for his family’s new home in Lowville, NY. “I wanted to make sure that I knew I did everything I possibly could to make sure my family had the safest living environment that I could provide for them, while at the same time, also making the home as energy efficient as possible and trying to do it on a budget,” he said.

In November 2009, he stumbled upon a unique and new-to-North America piping option while designing the 1,000-plus sq-ft home that would incorporate passive solar, geothermal, and other environmentally friendly features. “I didn’t want CPVC because of the solvents and glue that are needed. I didn’t want copper because of possible metals getting into the water and the expense. I didn’t want PEX piping because I had researched it and found that it could contain flame retardant and can affect the taste of the water you drink,” he recalled.