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Green, High-End Condominium Development in Kelowna, BC, Benefits from Piping Alternative

Southwind at Sarsons, Potable Water and HVAC
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Kelowna, BC
Spring 2008

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Considerably cheaper than copper and no concerns about jobsite theft
  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals
  • PP-R was available for full pressure testing much quicker than solvent welding

The Challenge

The design/build contractor didn’t want to use CPVC due to chemicals and joint strength, or copper due to aggressive water.

The Solution

Rust- and corrosion-proof, and chemical-free, Aquatherm was a perfect fit.

When traditional piping systems weren't right for the job, a green team discovered an outstanding environmentally friendly alternative.

Nestled in the heart of the Kelowna, BC's Lower Mission neighborhood, Southwind at Sarsons is a high-end condominium which includes 160 multi-family units, a meditation garden, a pool, and gym. The development, which was conceived and built with sustainability at its core, is located only a short walk from the Okanagan Lake and the beautiful Sarsons Beach.

Southwind was developed by the Kelowna-based G Group, which has established itself throughout British Columbia's Okanagan region as a leader in sustainable commercial development. "G Group takes a meaningful commitment to stewardship practices through all business operations. Stewardship in environment, society and economics are all considered," says Andrew Gaucher, operations manager at G Group.