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Green Pipe Helps Miners Remove the Black

River View Coal Mine, Domestic Water
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Location / Date
Morganfield, KY
August 2008

Aquatherm Advantages

  • PP-R was less costly than copper
  • No concerns about jobsite theft
  • Natural R-value was bolstered by additional insulation

The Challenge

With copper prices extremely high, the mine operator sought a less expensive option.

The Solution

Aquatherm fit the bill perfectly, with fusion connection saving labor time as well.

With copper prices sky-high, an experienced mechanical contracting company embraced polypropylene as a superb potable water solution at a Kentucky coal mine.

Lyons Company, Mechanical Contractors and Engineers, located in Glasgow, Kentucky, prides itself on its team of licensed and skilled journeymen and master plumbers, experienced pipefitters, and welders. So receiving the bid for a large plumbing job at a Kentucky coal facility was commonplace. However, the piping system they specified for the domestic water supply for the facility's shower rooms was actually a bit out of the ordinary – at least in the U.S.

Operated by River View Coal, LLC, The River View Coal Mine, located near Morganfield, Kentucky, is expected to produce 6.4 million tons (at full capacity) of high-sulfur coal per year. Construction of the facility's infrastructure has proceeded quickly and the mine should be operational by the end of 2009. The mine is expected to employ as many as 600 workers by the end of 2010, according to company officials.

When the miners end their shift and prepare to head home for the day, they need to scrub all of the coal dust and dirt from themselves. Thus, a large shower facility was an integral part of the mine's support buildings. Lyons received the bid to design and install all of the domestic water supplying two shower rooms, measuring about 22 feet by 24 feet, with 40 shower heads apiece.