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Heat Fusion

Heat fusion is a process used to join thermoplastics such as PP-R together. Rather than using glue, solder, or a mechanical connection and gasket, heat fusion physically turns the two pieces of plastic into one piece. The process is similar to welding, but doesn't require a filler material and, in the case of Aquatherm's specially formulated Fusiolen PP-R, heat fusion does not weaken the material at the point of connection. Aquatherm's heat fusion connections use a large joining area, making the connection at least as strong as the pipe itself, and often stronger.

Heat fusion works by returning the connection point to a melted state, the way it was during production. This allows the polypropylene chains to join together as the connection cools for a permanent bond, as if they were manufactured as one piece. This prevents any sort of chemical or physical weakness at the point of connection and results in a much lower instance of leaks or failures.

  • Approved Tools

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  • Connection Times

     See how long it takes to make connection with Aquatherm.

  • Socket Fusion

    Socket fusion is used to connect smaller diameters of Aquatherm pipe from 4" and down.

  • Outlet Fusion

    Fusion outlets are a simple alternative to reducing tees.

  • Butt Welding

    Used in larger sizes of pipe (6" - 24"), butt welding uses special machinery to heat fuse.

  • Repairs

    Unike most piping materials, Aquatherm's PP-R pipes can be repaired quickly and easily if needed. See how it works.