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Innovative A/C Manufacturer Integrates Cutting-Edge Pipe System in Training Facility

Daikin Chilled Water, Heating Distribution
Products Used
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Irvine, CA
Spring 2011

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Quick and easy installation despite the installers’ lack of experience with PP-R
  • Natural R-value of 1 eliminated need for insulation
  • No leaks experienced in initial pressure test

The Challenge

Daikin AC staff sought a leak-free alternative to PVC.

The Solution

With Aquatherm, they found a product perfectly suited for the project -- and easy to install.

Daikin is the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world, with sales of $12 billion, and the company is making a dramatic impact in the HVAC market throughout North America. While the company does a lot of training at local independent distributors and online, they also have two U.S. physical training facilities.

Training on the proper methods of application, installation and commissioning of our products is of vital importance for the success of Daikin in North America," explained National Service Manager – Residential Solutions, Stephen Meurs. So when Meurs and VRV Senior Technician, Mark Harte, began working on the plans and designs for a new training facility just south of Los Angeles in Irvine, CA, they wanted to make sure everything was just right. "At Daikin, we don’t rush things. We aim for perfection. It is important for the installation to not only function as designed, but also display well," Meurs said.