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With lighter weights and faster, easier connections, our systems make installations as simple as possible.

One of the biggest cost savers that comes from using Aquatherm in the installation speed. Sure, the heat-fused connections are fast, but they're also flexible and strong. In other words, the joints won't crack or leak as they're carried, bounced, and twisted into place. And the pipe weighs 75% to 80% less than comparable metals, meaning that installers can carry more with less fatigue and less risk of injury.

While an installer may not see a significant labor savings at first due to the learning curve of a new system, installers quickly see savings as they get better at fusion and planning with PP-R. On-site fabrication, fusion outlets, and engineered fusion equipment all help make installations go in even faster. Aquatherm offers training courses for new installers to help minimize the learning curve and help make sure that every installation is an impressive work of art.

Aquatherm also offers in-house fabrication, so your manifolds and other complicated assemblies can arrive on the jobsite factory-built and ready to install.