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List Flipping Service

The Aquatherm Fabrication Services Team performs a service known a “List Flipping,” or “Material Flipping.” This is basically the process of our helping you to compare an Aquatherm piping system with other pipe systems. It provides you with an effective comparison to other systems like:

  1. Stainless steel piping
  2. Copper piping
  3. Carbon steel piping
  4. Fiberglass piping
  5. PVC piping
  6. Galvanized piping
  7. And all others

We take the material list you provide for your project and “convert” that list to the applicable Aquatherm equivalents. This often allows us to suggest material- and labor-saving polypropylene-random options that only someone who is intimately familiar with this piping medium would recognize.

Here’s what we need to “flip your list”:

  1. Project drawings if available
  2. A list divided out by systems – Hot Water Domestic, Cold Water Domestic, Heating Water, Condensing Water, Chilled Water, Compressed Air, etc.
  3. Pressure and temperature design thresholds

We will then return to you a detailed list of material, the tools needed to complete the job and the approximate amount of labor to do the piping install. This should provide an effective comparison and help educate your decision regarding using Aquatherm for your next project.

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