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Montana Car Dealership Shifts to Aquatherm Pipe for Three-Building Plaza

Billion Auto Group, Domestic Water, Snowmelt, Propylene-Glycol, Hydronic, Compressed Air and Nitrogen, Ethylene Glycol, Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid & Methanol
Products Used
Green Pipe® Blue Pipe® coiled Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Bozeman, MT
Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

Aquatherm Advantages

  • The original plumbing bid using copper and stainless steel was $260,000 whereas incorporating Aquatherm dropped the bid to $180,000
  • Dealership owners liked the ecofriendly aspect and the seamless heat fusion connections of Aquatherm joints and fittings
  • Once installed, dealership workers were pleased that the Aquatherm pipes have a natural insulation which, unlike other pipes, provide a comfortable temperature in the mechanical room

The Challenge

With over 100,000 feet of pipe needed for water, HVAC, and supporting the mechanical processes, designers sought a pipe they could use for most, if not all, systems.

The Solution

Heat-fused Aquatherm pipe was used for a huge array of applications, providing upfront material and labor savings.

Aquatherm PP-R Piping systems prove valuable for snowmelt, chemical applications and more.

BillionAutoGroup2While customers were in pursuit of the perfect “Billion Deal” at the Billion Auto Group in Bozeman, MT, the owners of the car dealership were searching for a piping solution. Focusing on a sales-and-service, one-stop-shop strategy, the owners planned a new auto plaza comprised of three branded buildings: Chrysler, GMC, and Nissan.

The complex features show floors and lots, two service departments, a body shop, a self-service carwash, and a custom detail shop. With all of these areas needing a large amount of pipe, the project’s designers sought a single type of piping that could be used for heating, water, snowmelt, and chemical applications.

Although an original proposal slated Aquatherm only for a simple boiler hookup, Egbert Electric and Plumbing President Phil Egbert, the project’s plumbing contractor, had a hunch the company’s polypropylene-random (PPR) piping systems would be useful for more than just water. German-manufactured Aquatherm has been used in PHVAC applications in more than 70 countries for four decades. Opened in June 2012, Billion Auto Group, which is comprised of more than 60,000-sq-ft of building space, now uses Aquatherm PP-R piping systems throughout its facilities for the following applications:

  • Domestic water
  • Propylene-glycol hydronic heating (in-floor radiant)
  • Compressed-air tools
  • Ethylene glycol (anti-freeze)
  • New motor oil
  • Waste oil from service bays to waste-oil boiler storage
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Methanol for windshield washer fluid
  • Compressed nitrogen to charge tires
  • Snowmelt