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Green and Blue (Pipe) Take Hold in the Land of Reds and Whites

Multiple Wineries, Domestic Hot and Cold Water, Nitrogen Gas, Compressed Air
Products Used
Green Pipe® Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
California Wine Country
June 2012-present

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Aquatherm pricing is very stable unlike the volatile pricing of metal pipes
  • Substances inside Aquatherm pipe are able to retain their temperature more easily than metal pipes thanks to the inherent R-value
  • The installers really liked that there were no open flames, fumes or chemicals when fusing the pipe, making it safer and faster
  • Aquatherm’s heat-fused  connections can absorb shock and stress such as water hammer and moderate seismic activity

The Challenge

Young Inglewood Vineyard and others including: Bogle Vineyards, Kelham Winery, , Gamble Estate, and Larkmead Winery, needed a highly reliable piping system that could be seamlessly integrated into their plumbing and mechanical systems.

The Solution

Aquatherm pipe was selected as the quickly and easily installed piping solution for a variety of applications including compressed air, domestic hot/cold water and nitrogen gas.

Main Street Brewery6

Aquatherm’s polypropylene-random pipe systems have gained favor as the pipe system of choice at several Napa Valley Wineries.

Young Inglewood Vineyards is a two-generation, ultra-premium winegrowing estate located in Napa Valley, just southwest of St. Helena, CA. Founded by Jim and Jacky Young — after they retired from a multi-decade long career running a software company they co-founded — the winery site has been under cultivation of Vitis vinifera vineyards for more than 50 years.

When Water Transfer is Key…

The Young winery is a small boutique-style facility, yet as with any winery, the reliance on water and its transfer is essential — from domestic hot water to potable water use. And that calls for a highly reliable piping system that can be integrated into the mechanical systems without worries. To achieve optimum reliability, Young Inglewood Vineyards selected Aquatherm Green Pipe®, which is made from polypropylene-random (PP-R), for its water transfer needs.

According to Mark Simon, manager at Young Inglewood Vineyards, Aquatherm pipe is used for all of the winery’s interior hot and cold water, nitrogen gas, and compressed air. In fact, Aquatherm piping can be used for general utility services such as cooling water, reverse osmosis/deionized water, compressed air, inert gases, glycol and others.

Mike MacBriar, with Pacific Coast Plumbing (Napa, CA) and his crew handled the Aquatherm installation. “Aquatherm was used for every type of piping, including hot water, as well as inert gas piping. Every place where we used copper piping in the past, we are now using Aquatherm,” explained MacBriar. The primary reason? “Due to the changing copper pricing these days, Aquatherm, with its steady cost, is our choice,” added MacBriar.

Aquatherm Green Pipe is also certified for food grade applications and is ideally suited for high-temperature applications such as equipment cleaning in wineries and breweries. Operating water pressures and temperatures do not exceed 140° F or 80 psi on the domestic lines in the winery, yet Aquatherm can handle 180° at 100 psi. “The pipes have less thermal loss, therefore liquids retain their temperature better,” said Simon.