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No Flame, No Spark ... Piping Hits the Mark

Mapa Spontex Inc. Manufacturing Plant, HVAC
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Location / Date
Columbia, TN
November 2009

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Flame-free heat fusion joints are leak-free, reliable, and safe to install
  • Lighter weight (75% less than steel) made installation easier
  • 10-year warranty covers parts, labor, and incidental damages

The Challenge

Finding a corrosion- and rust-resistant piping system that could handle acidic chemicals and require no open flames during installation.

The Solution

Aquatherm’s PP-R pipe was used due to its chemical resistance, ease of use, and a 10-year multimillion-dollar warranty.

In a factory where the simple ring of a cell phone could set off a fatal explosion, the ability to make long-lasting piping connections without an open flame was invaluable.

Editor's Note: In January 2010, the Mapa Spontex Inc.'s Columbia, Tennessee factory operations ceased due to the sale of the company.

For more than the last half-century, a Columbia, Tennessee factory manufactured all varieties of sponges in a 250,000-plus-sq-ft plant. One of the few spots in the U.S. where sponges were still manufactured, the Mapa Spontex Inc. plant employed 150 people. To the uninitiated visitor, the plant could be a bit intimidating: Cars were required to be parked rear-first for quick evacuations; visitors needed to sign in, view a safety video, and don safety apparel; cell phones were not allowed to be on in the facility, as the spark caused by a cell phone ring could cause an explosion.