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Aquatherm was founded by Gerhard Rosenberg in Attendorn, Germany in 1973 and has expanded into more than 70 countries worldwide. Today, Aquatherm GmbH is managed by Gerhard's sons, Dirk, Maik, and Cristof. Aquatherm GmbH manufactures all of the Fusiolen PP-R material used in Aquatherm's products. They also produce all of the pipe and most of the fittings. Aquatherm GmbH is responsible for quality control and product development, as well as warranty claims and global production.

For distribution in North America, Aquatherm GmbH operates through Aquatherm NA, based in Lindon, Utah. Aquatherm NA handles supply chain management, product sales and support, market development, installation training, and code compliance for the United States and Canada. This allows Aquatherm to provide tools and resources tailored specifically to the North American market.

Aquatherm NA's U.S. and corporate operations are headquartered in Utah, with regional staff in Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee. Aquatherm Canada is managed from a regional office in Calgary, Alberta. Sales for both the United States and Canada are performed by local manufacturer's representatives, with customer distribution handled by local branches of regional and national wholesalers.

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