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Our Products

After choosing the best piping material (PP-R), we started perfecting it for a variety of crucial applications. Select the system your building needs.

  • Aquatherm Green Pipe

    Aquatherm Green Pipe is our signature PP-R product and is used in potable, food-grade, residential sprinkler, and chlorinated water applications.

  • Aquatherm Blue Pipe

    Aquatherm Blue Pipe is the best choice for high-performance pressure piping systems in a wide range of non-potable applications.

  • Aquatherm Lilac Pipe

    Aquatherm Lilac Pipe is specially formulated for water conservation systems that use water from reclaimed, recycled and rain sources.

  • Aquatherm Black System

    Aquatherm Black System delivers radiant heating and cooling using water, which is more efficient, comfortable, and healthy compared to forced-air.

  • Aquatherm Red Pipe

    Aquatherm Red Pipe is specialized for fire sprinkler systems with integrated flame resistance.