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Louisiana Car Wash Picks Aquatherm for Greywater and Several Other Applications

Hot and Cold Process and Domestic Water, Reclaimed Water, Compressed Air
Products Used
Green Pipe® Blue Pipe® Lilac Pipe®
Location / Date
Metairie, LA
Summer 2012

Aquatherm Advantages

  • The contractor saved ownership roughly 20% in upfront costs by selecting PP-R over copper
  • Ownership was drawn to PP-R's lifecycle benefits vs. other pipe systems especially in light of aggressive elements used in the washing process
  • Aquatherm is free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals while also corrosion-resistant and non-leaching
  • Aquatherm's comprehensive 10-year warranty was a selling point on the project

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The Challenge

Designers of the facility sought a dependable, single piping system for hot and cold water, hard and soft water, reclaimed water and compressed air

The Solution

Having seen Aquatherm piping at tradeshows as well as in the field, the contractor identified it as a non-leaching, scale-free piping system that would function well, look good, and meet the owner’s demandsAquatherm’s PP-R pipe offered all of the benefits of plastic (cost savings, easier installation, improved flow) without any fumes, glues or chemicals used during installation.

Washing a vehicle doesn’t exactly seem like rocket science. Spray a little water, throw on some soap and voila—squeaky clean, right? Actually, constructing an automatic car wash, such as the Pelican Pointe Car Wash on Airline Drive in Metairie, LA, is a bit more complicated. Pelican Pointe’s building team had to consider the various uses of hard, soft and reclaimed water; how to safely deploy soap and other chemicals; and how to effectively utilize compressed air in place of electricity, among other issues.

Seeking a Potential Solution



Four Pelican Pointe properties, famous locally in Louisiana for their $5, 4-minute-express car washes, require intricate piping systems to keep the facilities running smoothly. When Leon’s Plumbing in Metairie, LA, was hired to design and install the new Pelican Pointe location’s plumbing network, journeyman plumber Leon Molinario III and his father and company president Leon Molinario Jr. wanted to identify a piping solution for all of the car wash’s diverse needs.

Having seen Aquatherm polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping at tradeshows as well as in the field, the father-and-son team began researching how the non-leaching, scale-free piping systems could benefit their latest project. “Although Aquatherm was new to us, we saw potential in it, and we wanted to use it,” Leon Molinario III said. “We thought it would look good and function well, and it has a lot of different applications.”