Pipe Size and Pressure Loss

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Pipe Size and Pressure Loss

The pressure loss tools gives the head loss and flow rates of the pipe based on the desired GPM.

Reducing head loss on the critical leg of the system can allow for downsizing on other sections of pipe and is shown below as "High Efficiency Sizing".

Having higher flow speeds (8 ft/s and above) can allow for downsizing of the pipe when compared against other piping systems. For example, in an application where a six-inch copper pipe would have been used, a four-inch Aquatherm PP-R pipe may be sufficient. However, this is more common when using SDR 11 and 17.6 pipe because those pipes have a higher water content per foot.

  • GPM
  • ft.

Recommended Sizing

High Efficiency Sizing

  • ft. head / 100 ft.
Advanced Options
  • Advanced options allow the user to manually input connection types used in calculating total ft of head. Any input in this section will override the auto-calculation used above for straight connections (it is not additive). Putting in one connection will require you to add in all calculated connections. Reset will restore the auto-calculation.