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Piping Alternative Provides Extensive Savings and Helps Fort Hood "Go Green"

About the Transition

ALT TEXTAquatherm conducted a training session at the HVACmasters shop. Since the HVACmasters technicians were then factory-certified, the installed Aquatherm piping has a 10-year warranty on pipe and fittings with a product liability valued at 9 million Euros for personal injury and 4.5 million Euros for property damage per event.

HVACmasters’ expertise in pipe fitting helped the staff quickly understand the fusion process. “They actually grasped it pretty fast, but a lot of companies are going to fight it, they don’t want the change. The transition itself is very simple,” Carter added.

HVACmasters purchased the necessary welding irons and jigs to handle Aquatherm piping from 1-inch to 3-inch. “It’s a bit costly upfront to get into, but you will save money down the road on labor time,” said Carter.

Carter was quite satisfied with Aquatherm’s training and support. “They were knowledgeable with the product and installation, and they also came to the job site and worked with us at the very beginning,” he recalled.

Construction began in January 2009, and was completed in June 2009. Aquatherm’s Blue Pipe, which is designed specifically for HVAC applications, was the specified pipe (the company also makes Aquatherm Green Pipe® for potable water and Lilac for reclaimed water).

Almost 4,000 linear feet of Blue Pipe piping was installed for chilled and hot water in the buildings. The boiler supply and return lines didn’t need any insulation thanks to PP-R’s natural R-value, providing further savings. The pipes installed on this project range from 1” to 3”.

Overall, the installation proceeded remarkably smoothly. In the thousands of connections made, there were only a couple leaks. Carter said with steel and copper there would have been many more leaks, and added that on a recent job, there were “no leaks, which would have been unheard of with copper or steel.”

The Future is Fusion

The five-company building installations were so successful that base officials approved Blue Pipe for use in a number of other projects and are considering using Aquatherm for compressed air and potable water applications. “Now, all the engineers are impressed with the installations and quality of material, and the product is being used throughout several new projects at Fort Hood,” said Carter.

Finally, the Fort Worth Army Corp of Engineers has incorporated Aquatherm into its specifications, so that from now on Aquatherm can be installed at U.S. Army installations throughout the southern region of the U.S. “Ray Schroeder, the head engineer at Fort Hood and Kelly Mollenkopf, the base’s senior mechanical engineer, who has been instrumental on the job, have both said that Aquatherm has a bright future here on the base,” Carter said.