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Polypropylene Pressure Piping System Improves Server Reliability

Utah State University Data Center, Cooling Tower
Products Used
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Logan, UT
Winter 2007

Aquatherm Advantages

  • No welding fumes in the data center
  • No condensation on the chilled water lines thanks to PP-R’s natural insulation value
  • Saved significant floor space

The Challenge

Officials sought a leak-free, insulated pipe option that would allow the data center to remain operational during repairs.

The Solution

PP-R met all of the USU staff’s needs, with no leaks, easy expandability, and many other benefits.

ALT TEXTWhen Utah State University first planned to upgrade its data center, improving the server cooling system was a top priority. USU engineers considered using welded steel but had concerns regarding condensation as well as the difficulty of installing and repairing the system in an occupied space.

“Our problem with the data center was using a piping system that was reliable,” said Lorin Mortensen, a mechanical engineer at USU. “We originally specced stainless steel, but the environment of the data center was not suitable for welding, so we looked at alternatives.”

Another option they explored was running single lines of flexible PEX tubing from a main line outside the data center to and from each cooling unit, but it quickly became clear that with the insulation needed to prevent condensation, there would not be enough room to run all the lines cleanly.