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PP-R Pipe Plays Key Role in Rebuild of Complex Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

Santa Maria del Mar Apartment Complex, Domestic Water Distribution
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Location / Date
January 2011
Biloxi, MS

Aquatherm Advantages

  • The heat fusion connections are simple, fast, and reliable
  • Stable pricing, easy installation, and natural insulation values provided significant project savings
  • The 10-year warranty guarantees the product against any manufacturer defect

The Challenge

Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the new apartment complex designers wanted an affordable, reliable alternative to metal pipe.

The Solution

Aquatherm’s polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipe was selected for its stable pricing, lighter weight, resistance to corrosion, and easy installation.

When Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc upon the Gulf Coast on August 29th 2005, one of the thousands of buildings damaged or destroyed was the Santa Maria del Mar Apartment Complex in Biloxi, Mississippi. Six years later as the region recovered, a talented construction team set out to build a new version to offer much needed affordable living to senior citizens.

Sponsored by the Catholic Charities Housing Association of Biloxi, Inc., this new complex is built on higher ground and further inland than the original. With a total of 157,409 sq ft, it consists of two 6-story buildings joined together by an 11,000-12,000 sq ft common area. The housing facility offers 212 rooms, a combination of efficiency apartments and one-bedroom apartments. The common area features a kitchen, dining area, laundry facility, lounges, assembly room, mail room, and more.

In August 2011, JEM, LLC (Waveland, MS) was hired on as the plumbing contractor for the project. JEM has built a reputation for innovation and high quality work while paying close attention to the owner's bottom line and providing value to the customer.

When deciding on a piping system for the job, Jim Marlowe, majority owner of JEM, discussed the possibility of using Aquatherm piping systems on the plumbing portion of the job and the ownership agreed with this suggestion.

There was a strong desire for the building to be as energy efficient as possible while staying under budget and reducing operating costs. After weighing the options and researching the competition, it was clear that Aquatherm was a good solution for this job. With installations in over 70 countries worldwide spanning nearly 40 years, Aquatherm is a global leader in PP-R pressure piping for potable, heating and cooling and greywater applications.