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PP-R Piping Solution Moves to the Top of the Class at Arizona State University

Barrett, The Honors College, Arizona State University
Chilled Water
Products Used
Aquatherm Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Tempe, AZ
July 2015

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Using Aquatherm instead of metal piping saved 40% on labor costs
  • Aquatherm’s prefabricated piping systems allowed for quick installation and a short shutdown time
  • Corrosion-resistant Aquatherm was an ideal choice for a jobsite with deteriorating metal piping
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The Challenge

With a quickly deteriorating steel chilled-water system, the university needed a more durable piping product

The Solution

Aquatherm’s corrosion-resistant qualities and 10-year warranty provided university leadership peace of mind

Barrett Honors installers webIn 1988, the Arizona Board of Regents authorized the creation of the University Honors College at Arizona State University, and it became the first residential honors college in the United States. After receiving a generous donation from donors Craig and Barbara Barrett in 2000, the university renamed the college Barrett, The Honors College. Since then, attendance—as well as the campus—has grown. In 2009, the university’s downtown Tempe location built a major addition, which included a four-year residential campus for honors students on nine acres. But in July 2015, one of the new buildings began having issues with its chilled water system and needed repair. That’s when Shannon Austin, Service Manager of Alliance Plumbing Service and Repair in Tempe, AZ, was called in to take a look.

“The student housing facility is comprised of seven buildings and houses approximately 1,400 students,” Austin explained. “The steel piping in one of the buildings was experiencing issues, and we were contacted to make the repairs.”

After further research, it became apparent that the issues were not getting better. “The existing piping was very corroded,” Austin said. “With the high corrosion rate of the piping, we felt it best to propose a product for replacement that would be resistant to corrosion.”