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PP-R Piping Solves Multiple Problems On Growing College Campus

Southern Adventist University, Hot & Cold Domestic Water/Hydronic Heating Applications/Chilled Water
Products Used
Green Pipe® Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Collegedale, TN

Aquatherm Advantages

  • PP-R’s lighter weight compared to steel, rust resistance, and flame-free connections were huge benefit
  • The design team liked that hard water doesn’t affect the piping, making it ideal for almost any application
  • Aquatherm piping systems are completely free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals and will not leach chemicals into the water

The Challenge

The design team was looking for a pipe that would work in many different applications and would last many years with little maintenance


The Solution

Aquatherm pipe was selected since it won’t corrode, scale or wear out and could be used on a variety of applications


southernadventistuniversity1Southern Adventist University has specified Aquatherm for retrofit and new-construction projects since 2011, with great results

Sometimes seeing really is believing. Southern Adventist University, a co-educational institution established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Collegedale, TN, has been renovating campus buildings and specifically retrofitting piping projects since 2011. Although the university was originally founded with 23 students in 1892 as Graysville Academy in Graysville, TN, it has grown considerably since, becoming the largest Seventh-day Adventist undergraduate establishment in the church’s North American division.

By marketing its affordability, value, Christian professors and contemporaries, and the campus’ spiritual environment, the school registered a record 3,053 students in 2010. The university’s growth meant various school facilities needed to be renovated and expanded and a new structure had to be built.