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Radiant Heating System Provides Unique Solution for Airport Service Hangar in Windsor, Ontario

Windsor Airport, Radiant Heating
Products Used
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Windsor, ON
Winter 2011

Aquatherm Advantages

  • The radiant system preserves and restores heat much better than a forced-air system and requires no ductwork
  • The reduced weight of PP-R (75% less than steel) allowed installers to fuse the pipe in a heated space and carry it to the installation space
  • The quick, efficient heat fusion process offered about $21,000 in labor savings

The Challenge

The team needed to design and construct an HVAC system for the new service hangar that would provide consistent, reliable heat for the frigid winter conditions.

The Solution

A hybrid system incorporating Aquatherm’s PP-R pipe and PEX was embedded into the hangar’s concrete floor for an effective radiant heat system.

Hybrid design delivers significant space savings and simplifies PEX circuit layout and installation.

Operated by the City of Windsor (Ontario) since 2007, Windsor Airport serves a mixture of scheduled airline flights and general aviation, and is a popular point of entry into Canada for private and business aircraft.

In 2011, the City of Windsor identified the need for a new service hangar at the facility in order to increase air traffic revenue, create more jobs, and diversify the local economy. The project's design team had to address several building fundamentals based on the nature and location of the project.

The 92,000-plus-sq-ft hangar is 79 ft tall at its highest point and can accommodate a Boeing 737, so it was essential to design an HVAC system that could provide consistent, comfortable heating for service technicians in frigid winter temperatures, as well as one that wouldn't interfere with the movement of aircraft in and out of the facility.