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Reliability and Longevity Earn Aquatherm Pipe Permanent Residence at Embassy Suites Nashville Airport

Embassy Suites Hotel, Hydronic Heating/Domestic Hot Water/Chilled Water
Products Used
Green Pipe® Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
2008 and 2013-2014

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Ownership liked the stable pricing and reduced risk of theft that Aquatherm Pipe offers
  • Due to fast installations with Aquatherm Pipe, labor costs were minimized
  • Aquatherm’s expansion resistance reduced concerns about bursting pipes during cold snaps

The Challenge

The engineering teams designing the renovations of the Embassy Suites hotel in Nashville were looking for a reliable pipe system that would save on materials and labor costs


The Solution

Aquatherm (Blue Pipe®) was used in 2008 and again selected (Green Pipe®) due to its stable prices and fast installations


embassysuites2Hotel uses PP-R pipe on separate projects covering six years

A large hotel replaces a lot of costly mechanical equipment over the course of its lifetime.  In the last decade alone the Embassy Suites Hotel in Nashville has replaced an aging chiller, five boilers, and a great deal of leaking pipe.

Regional Chief Engineer for Embassy Suites, Lanny Dunlap, knows that nothing last forever, but he has also learned over the course of his extensive career in the hotel industry that it pays to invest in longevity.  That’s precisely why he prefers Aquatherm polypropylene piping.  The Embassy Suites - Nashville Airport chose Aquatherm for a major chilled water renovation in 2008 and again in 2013/2014 for a hydronic heating and subsequent domestic hot water renovation.

“I’d give anything to have Aquatherm throughout the hotel,” said Dunlap, who has overseen the mechanical engineering operations for as many as 700 hotels.  His experience with Embassy Suites, as well as other hotel brands, has taught him that an investment in Aquatherm is an investment in longevity.