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Sport Court Flooring Manufacturer Scores with Industrial Cooling Piping System


Sport Court Manufacturing Facility, New Chilled-Water System Installation
Products Used
Green Pipe®
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Salt Lake City, UT
June 2013 – Winter 2014

Aquatherm Advantages

  • PP-R won’t react with water or most dissolved chemicals, so it is unaffected by corrosion, scaling and erosion – problems that had plagued Sport Court with piping failures
  • Aquatherm PP-R piping systems have a 10-year warranty and are made to last for more than 60 years
  • The PP-R material also has natural insulation properties, and the systems’ faser-composite layer has an R-value of about 1.4 per inch of wall pipe, meaning less insulation is needed to meet current energy codes

The Challenge

Sport Court needed a state-of-the-art facility with piping that could handle water hammer and wouldn’t get plugged up with lime, scale, and rust

The Solution

Aquatherm pipe was used for chilled water and compressed air applications to cool the large plastic injection-molding machines for many years without worries of failures or future maintenance

  Utah's Sport Court picks Aquatherm PP-R piping for new headquarters facility

When the President of the United States uses your product at the White House, you know the product has struck a chord. Since 1974, Salt Lake City's Sport Court has designed, manufactured and built nearly 100,000 outdoor basketball courts, indoor gymnasium floors, tennis court surfaces and more across the globe for several sports organizations, including the NBA, NCAA, FIBA and the U.S. Soccer Foundation, as well as at the White House.

With so many fans, Sport Court "has done remarkably well over the last few years, despite the challenging economy," said Sport Court President and CEO Ron Cerny.

Increasing production capacity by 25% and adding several new 1,000-ton injection-molding machines meant Sport Court needed a state-of-the-art facility with spacious office, manufacturing and warehouse accommodations. The two-story, 170,000-sq-ft project began in June 2013; Sport Court Facility Manager Steve Leake expects the building to be fully functional by January 2014.