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Aquatherm Technical Announcement Part Number Change Date issued: 8 August 2018 The part number for 4” (125 mm) SDR 17.6 Blue Pipe MF has been changed due to the new lengths of pipe coming from Germany. Old Part number = 2570126 (4m)13 ft, lengths New Part Number = 2570128 (5.8 m) 19 ft. lengths Please make note of this for…
Technical Bulletin: 201207C - AQTTB Date issued: 22 August 2012 When integrating Aquatherm piping systems with other systems or components not made of PP-R (e.g. components not made of PP-R like valves, pumps, other piping, check valves, strainers, etc), care must be taken to ensure the operating parameters for PP-R won’t damage the other materials or vice versa. Be aware…
Friday, 25 August 2017 22:21

Discontinuance of Part numbers

Technical Bulletin: 201408E-AQTTB Date issued: 23 August 2017 Discontinuance of Part numbers This is to inform you that the part numbers 0050950 through 0050960 have been discontinued and will no longer be offered. There are some items still in stock, but they are running out quickly and will not be re-stocked. Below is a cut from the catalog that describes…
Thursday, 27 July 2017 20:14

Aquatherm Transition Fittings

Technical Bulletin: 201408E-AQTTB Withdrawn October 1 2017 Date issued: 7 August 2017 Aquatherm produces two types of threaded transition fittings.   1. Stainless steel threaded transition fittings.  2. Brass threaded transition fittings. The brass fittings are further differentiated by type of brass and end-use. a. Industrial use (dezincification-resistant DZR low-lead brass). b. b. Potable water lead-free, dezincification resistant (DZR) type…
Thursday, 27 July 2017 20:07

UV Protection

Technical Bulletin: 201311A-AQTTB Date issued: 18 Nov. 2013 Revised: 29 September 2017 Prolonged exposure to UV radiation will discolor bare PP-R pipe and could weaken the polymer over time. In order to prevent this damage, suitable measures must be taken. As stated in the Aquatherm catalog, the ideal solution for installing PP-R in an exposed outdoor environment is to use the UVprotected versions…
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