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The Greenest Pipe You'll Meet

Green isn't just a marketing buzzword to us. It means engineering a product that requires less energy to make, installs without using harmful chemicals or releasing VOCs, works reliably for over 50 years without corroding or pitting, keeps water pure, and is fully recyclable after its life cycle.

Aquatherm is proud to say that the green movement didn't catch us by surprise - it's been part of our game plan all along.

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Sustainable Pipe
lasts longer and costs less

PP-R durability compared to Copper and Steel

Our pipes and fittings are made from engineered polypropylene-random (PP-R), one of the longest lasting and most chemically inert piping materials in the world.

PP-R is hydrophobic, so it does not react with water. This means no corrosion, scaling, or pitting, and ensures that drinking water comes through clean.

According to an independent study conducted by the University of Berlin, the polypropylene production process takes as little as ΒΌ the electricity and generates a fraction of the waste compared to metal piping or even certain plastics.

Clean, Leak-free

Aquatherm uses heat fusion to join the pipe and fittings without glues, solders, or gaskets. Heat fusion is fast, easy and simple and doesn't create any fumes or off-gassing. Simply heating the pipe and fitting turns them into a single piece of material without chemicals or open flames. This makes the jobsite safer and eliminates the risk of leaks and failures.

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There's no better way to join pipe and fittings together than physically turning them into one piece.