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Trucking Company Expansion Goes ‘Blue’ with Innovative Reverse Return Header System

Armstrong Ivan Trucking, Hydronic Heated Floor System and In-slab
Products Used
Aquatherm Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Arthur, ON, Canada, October 2013 - February 2014

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Without corroding or weakening over time, Aquatherm Blue Pipe offers longevity and ongoing performance
  • Aquatherm Pipe can be safely buried in soil, sand, asphalt or even concrete; Aquatherm Blue Pipe is especially ideal because it has heat stabilization
  • Aquatherm Blue Pipe made of polypropylene-random is durable and extremely resistant to impact and seismic stresses
armstrong_ivan trucking

The Challenge

With a new warehouse expansion coming up, Ivan Armstrong Trucking was looking for an efficient hydronic heated floor system


The Solution

Ivan Armstrong selected Aquatherm Blue Pipe for a concrete slab selected slab-on-grade installation and for the reverse return header system


Ivan Armstrong Trucking®, Arthur, ON, Canada, is equipped to meet its customers’ current transportation and storage needs, while providing safe, efficient and reliable transportation services. As demonstrated year after year, future growth is inevitable, this certainly is the case with its new 40,000-sq-ft warehouse expansion.

The company recently negotiated 40,000-sq-ft of new warehouse space in exchange for a five-year lease with an automotive parts company. All previously existing warehouse space is climate controlled to ensure the integrity of all products in long-term or transit storage, and this expansion is no different. When deciding to expand its warehouse space, John Raftis, owner, Ivan Armstrong Trucking, was particular in his search for a hydronic heated floor system.

Contractor Len Coffey, owner, Coffey Plumbing, Arthur, ON, met with James Kuepfer, owner, Hydronic Solutions Inc., Waterloo, ON, a leading supplier of products and information to the hydronic heating and water systems industry, to discuss piping options for the in-floor heating system. Kuepfer, along with Brendon Yadu, technical sales and hydronic designer, Hydronic Solutions Inc., presented Coffey with piping designs ideal for the breadth of project.

Since — at the request of Raftis — the hydronic installation needed to be installed on one heating zone, the design team specified a very efficient Aquatherm Pipe reverse return header system — whereby supply and return lines are embedded in the concrete and run from the boiler room to supply water to the floor heating circuits.

Due to the fact the owner only wanted one zone, Coffey realized there would not be any manifolds taking up space down the length of the building. “Everyone wanted a simple system, and the design I was proposing brought simplicity and cost savings to the owner,” said Yadu.

After consulting with the Hydronic Solutions team on the preferred piping method, Coffey ultimately selected Aquatherm Blue Pipe®, primarily due to Hydronic Solutions’s reputation for onsite support, and because the piping can be set in a concrete slab-on-grade installation. The reverse return header system eliminated the need for a multiple manifold set up along the length of the outer wall, and subsequent piping to each manifold. The piping installation at the boiler used 4 - in. Aquatherm Blue Pipe and decreased in diameter to 3 - in. and 2 - in. as the necessary supply flow reduced to each loop. Other Aquatherm fittings and accessories included Aquatherm 90- and 45-degree elbows, couplings, fusion outlets, ball valves, flanges, tees and NPT adapters.

“Our goal is to design energy efficient hydronic systems and offer full support behind them,” said Yadu. “After reviewing Aquatherm webinars and brochures on turf conditioning in particular, we knew this was the right piping method for this project.”