U.S. Logistics and Prefabrication

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U.S. Logistics and Fabrication

In order to reduce lead time and improve available inventory, Aquatherm's U.S. headquarters are based in Lindon, Utah in a logistics center. The facility also serves as a training center with tools and equipment to cover a broad range of installation procedures.

In addition to product training and inventory, the logistics center is able to prefabricate custom parts and manifolds upon request. Customers can take advantage of Aquatherm's experienced fabrication team and flexible tooling setup to get competitive bids on complicated assemblies. After the specifications are provided and the parts built to spec, the prefabricated portions can be transported to the jobsite and connected in place for a painless installation.

Aquatherm's logistics center also builds the large-diameter segmented fittings for use in North America. These fittings are built to exacting standards of accuracy, and have their internal beads removed for improved flow performance.