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Unitary Spool Fabrications And Process

One of the most frequently used services in the Aquatherm Design & Fabrication Services Department is the creation of small unitary spools. Aquatherm’s versatility, durability, and light weight compared to metal piping systems allow us to help our customers solve problems that most other piping materials can’t.

Aquatherm Design & Fabrication Services can create:

  1. Custom-degreed fittings (e.g., 5-degree bends in piping ranging from 2-in. to 24-in.)
  2. Small or large custom tees
  3. Piping laterals or wyes in sizes from 3-in. to 24-in.
  4. Solutions for oddly shaped rooms (e.g., piping in round structures)
  5. Water tanks for use in piping systems
  6. Air separators for use in hydronic systems
  7. Many, many other types of custom items

We will help you solve your piping challenges no matter how difficult. While we might not be able to solve every problem, we are full committed to giving it our best. Let us know how we can help!

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