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When Seeing Red is a Good Thing


McElroy Manufacturing Office Space, Sprinkler

Products Used
Red Pipe® 
Location / Date
Spring 2014

Aquatherm Advantages

  • Aquatherm Red Pipe® is semi-flexible which provided an advantage since this retrofit job required installation in the existing ceiling grid
  • The installation team liked that they didn’t have to use glues and sealants to join the pipe
  • Aquatherm Red Pipe® is connected by heat fusion, rather than traditional connections, which caused fewer workplace disruptions than other piping systems might have
 McElroy Red Pipe2

The Challenge

The McElroy design team was looking for a sprinkler piping system that would be freeze- and burst-resistant


The Solution

Aquatherm Red Pipe® met that challenge while also allowing the McElroy team an opportunity to use their new fusion machine on this cutting-edge product


McElroy Red Pipe1

Aquatherm Red Pipe® solves sprinkler piping issues at 11,300-sq-ft manufacturing facility
Aquatherm’s Red Pipe® for fire protection systems has been used with much success internationally for years, and now it is making its way to the United States.

One of the first projects using Red Pipe®, which is made from polypropylene-random (PP-R), was christened at McElroy Manufacturing in Tulsa. The fusion welding machine and finned tube machine company was in the market for an updated fire safety piping system for an 11,300-sq-ft office facility. They had already experienced what can happen with a traditional piping system: a sprinkler pipe froze and broke at the fitting, causing flooding and extensive property damage.

Aquatherm North America had only recently acquired the rights to sell Aquatherm Red Pipe® in the U.S., adding a dedicated sprinkler solution to its lineup of piping solutions. Now building owners, contractors and engineers have the ability to specify a pipe system that can typically withstand the stress that comes from water freezing inside the pipe, and a pipe system that resists corrosion, rust and scale buildup. That means there’s constant flow in the pipe and lower maintenance costs.

Formerly known as Aquatherm FireStop Fusiolen® PP-R, Aquatherm Red Pipe® belongs to the Aquatherm family of PP-R piping systems which includes Green Pipe®, Blue Pipe® and Lilac Pipe® which are growing in popularity in the U.S. for potable water, heating and cooling, industrial, compressed air, geothermal and graywater applications.